Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Latest! But not the Greatest.

General Restrictions

- Hens allowed in residential areas (HOA restrictive covenants would not be affected)
- No roosters (males)
- Hens are to be pets and not used for commercial activity; no selling chickens or eggs would be allowed.
- All coops and runs must be located in the rear yard and not be located in the side, front, or corner side yards.
- Up to 10 hens are allowed per lot, regardless of the size of the lot and the number of dwelling units on that lot.
- A coop is required to shelter the hens. An outdoor run is optional.
- The floor area of the coop shall be at least 4 square feet per chicken when an outdoor run is provided. If no outdoor run is provided, and the chickens are enclosed all the time, at least 10 square feet of floor area per chicken is required.
- If provided, the run must be at least 10 square feet of floor area per chicken.

Coops and Runs with no screening (attachment C)

- The setback for all coops and runs is 15 feet from any rear lot line. The setback from any side or corner-side lot line is the same as that of the dwelling unit on that lot.
- A total of 144 square feet of footprint area is allowed for the coop and run.
- Hen coops and shelters, including any surrounding cages and runs are limited to 6 feet tall from the ground to the top of the structure including supporting blocks, poles, or legs.

Coops and Runs with screening (attachement D)

This applies to yards that are enclosed with a solid 6-foot fence
- No setback is required as long as all structures and enclosures are located in the rear yard, and the top of any structure, run, or coop does not exceed 6 feet.
- For every foot a structure, coop, pen, or run exceeds 6 feet, the setback is 2 feet. Up to 10 feet in height is the maximum.
- A total of 400 square feet of footprint area is allowed for the coop and run.


- All runs, coops, and pens must be kept clean on a regular basis so as not to create any public health hazard or nuisance issue such as offensive odors to adjoining properties.

Permits & Enforcement

- A one-time Zoning Compliance Permit from the Planning Department would be required ($25). If a fence permit (for screening) is applied for at the same time, there would be one fee.

Town of Garner Documents

These are public record and available for you to look at here. They are original with no changes.

1/6/10 Memo from Town Attorney regarding restrictive covenants and his advice against 1) Requiring HOA permission for chicken permit, and 2) Neighbor consent prior to chicken permit.

1/5/10 Memo from Planning Dept with suggested standards, if the town council decides to go forward with changes to the existing ordinance.

Letter from Animal Sanctuary against keeping chickens, brought to the committee meeting by Council member Kathy Behringer.

11/4/09 Memo from Planning Dept with research and recommendations.

Monday, January 11, 2010

N&O article

The N&O reprinted the article from the Garner Clayton Record in today's paper on page 3B.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Garner Clayton Record article

This article came out today. I'd prefer my garden and compost wasn't on the front page, but at least the hens are pretty.

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