Saturday, December 26, 2009

Town of Garner went on a Coop Tour

One Council member, members of the planning department and staff, and a member of the Greenbrier HOA board went on an informal coop tour in downtown Raleigh on Monday, December 14. The purpose of the tour was to investigate setbacks and see some examples of coops. [picture shows a coop 2-3 blocks from the Governor's Mansion at a historic home in Raleigh]

Items for the new ordinance!

Ok here's your sneak peek at the items being considered for the new Garner chicken ordinance:

These are very likely:
- up to 10 hens (no roosters)
- only allowed in side and back yards
- personal use only - non-commercial

Possible additions:
- special permit similar to dog permit which is a one-time $25 permit
- coops to follow setback restrictions (10 ft side and 5ft rear), and limited to 8-10 ft tall
- not allowed in multi-family and attached unit dwellings [This item would not be necessary if the setbacks were in place]

Additions requested by the Greenbrier HOA and not supported by Friends of Hens:
- 100% screening from neighbors with solid wood fencing around hens and/or shrubs
- Special permit only given after Garner citizen provided written permission from their property's HOA Organization