Saturday, December 26, 2009

Items for the new ordinance!

Ok here's your sneak peek at the items being considered for the new Garner chicken ordinance:

These are very likely:
- up to 10 hens (no roosters)
- only allowed in side and back yards
- personal use only - non-commercial

Possible additions:
- special permit similar to dog permit which is a one-time $25 permit
- coops to follow setback restrictions (10 ft side and 5ft rear), and limited to 8-10 ft tall
- not allowed in multi-family and attached unit dwellings [This item would not be necessary if the setbacks were in place]

Additions requested by the Greenbrier HOA and not supported by Friends of Hens:
- 100% screening from neighbors with solid wood fencing around hens and/or shrubs
- Special permit only given after Garner citizen provided written permission from their property's HOA Organization

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! Great work Friends of Hens.... HOA's - keep your nose out of our (those who were smart enough not to move into one of your neighborhoods) business!